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I'm a gardener in Chicago, IL, and I'm leaving my garden behind at the end of the year - The Last Garden is about my garden's final year. Share & Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Garden April 10, 2011

Helleborus x hybridus, either 'Solace' or 'Double Melody' -
I dunno.

These warm days have been good to the garden, and it's opened up, showing more and more blooms every day.

Aquarium Chaos: Episode III

Pansies in the aquarium grow tank I set up in January.

Well, this part of the aquarium saga has come to an end. As we prepared to leave on a road trip Saturday, April 2, I went in to water the pansies and remembered, oh yeah, these need to be taken care of every day, otherwise they will die. I stood there and stared at them for a minute in shock, because I'd somehow managed to completely forget about that fact, and then I went about planting them. To save you some suspense, they lived! Here's how I did it.

The March Philosophy Post

Just in case you're late to the party here, the philosophy posts are monthly diatribes on the official theme of this blog. Also weather updates. You'll discover I really like weather.